Brazilians Create Recipe Book for Healthy Japanese Dishes

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Sao Paulo, Oct. 16 (Jiji Press)--Brazilian nutritionists have created a recipe book for Japanese dishes using ingredients available in the South American country, which has the world's largest society of Japanese descendants abroad.

The book, "Sabor de Japao" (Flavor of Japan), offers recipes of Japanese dishes fitting Brazilians' taste. The digital version of the book will be available for free on the websites of the Japan International Cooperation Agency and other organizations to encourage more people to eat healthy Japanese dishes.

The book was created by seven Brazilian nutritionists working at places including a hospital linked to Japan. In 2019, the seven took a related training course at Kyushu University in Fukuoka Prefecture, southwestern Japan, under a JICA program. They later spent two years bringing the results of the training into the 140-page recipe book, which includes dishes using "dashi" broth, such as simmered fish, "chikuzenni," or simmered chicken and root vegetables, and "oyakodon," or a bowl of rice topped with simmered chicken and egg.

One of the authors who works at Hospital Japones Santa Cruz in Sao Paulo pointed out that many Brazilian dishes contain a lot of animal fat. The 45-year-old nutritionist said that she finds it necessary to encourage Brazilian people to eat Japanese dishes as they often come with a lot of seaweed and vegetables, and contain low fat.

It is important that Japanese dishes using fish are created with ingredients available in Brazil because it is difficult to procure "katsuobushi" dried bonito, used often to make dashi, and other Japanese foods in the Amazon rainforest, she said, adding that the nutritionists came up with recipes that utilize basic tastes and instead reduce the use of salt.

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