HPV Vaccinations Gradually Increasing in Japan

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Tokyo, Oct. 27 (Jiji Press)--Vaccinations against the human papillomavirus, or HPV, the main cause of cervical cancer, are starting to increase gradually in Japan after stagnating for years.

The vaccination rate once plunged to as low as 0.3 pct, after the government stopped actively recommending HPV inoculations in 2013 following reports of health problems after vaccinations.

Now, the health ministry's expert panel is discussing the expected resumption of government recommendations of HPV vaccinations, based on foreign research results on the effectiveness of the vaccines.

In April 2013, Japan added HPV vaccines to the list of so-called routine vaccinations administered for free, for girls between the elementary school sixth grade and high school first grade.

But the health ministry decided in June that year to stop recommending the inoculations until proper information could be provided, after a series of reports that recipients developed body aches, movement disorders and other symptoms.

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