China, Russia Hold 1st Joint Naval Partols near Japan


Tokyo, Oct. 25 (Jiji Press)--China and Russia have announced the completion of their first joint naval patrols, in which warships sailed most of the length of the Japanese archipelago, and naval drills near Japan.

China's National Defense Ministry denied that Beijing and Moscow had any third nation in mind when conducting the activities, saying that none of their warships entered the territorial waters of any other country.

But the moves are apparently aimed at demonstrating the unity of the Chinese and Russian militaries to counter the alliance between Japan and the United States.

On Saturday, the ministry said that 10 Chinese and Russian warships with six ship-based helicopters participated in the joint patrols, which started on Oct. 17 and finished early Saturday afternoon.

After the joint patrols began near Vladivostok in Russia's Far East, the 10 vessels on Oct. 18 sailed through the Tsugaru Strait between Japan's Honshu main island and northernmost prefecture of Hokkaido, an international strait open to foreign ships.

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