Ex-Princess Mako Looking Forward to Future with Husband

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Tokyo, Oct. 26 (Jiji Press)--Former Japanese Princess Mako said Tuesday that she hopes to "work together and walk side by side" with her husband Kei Komuro, while showing her gratitude to people who have supported them.

Mako, 30, the first daughter of Crown Prince Akishino and Crown Princess Kiko, held a 12-minute press conference with Komuro, also 30, at a Tokyo hotel from around 2 p.m. (5 a.m. GMT) to report their marriage the same day.

"Kei is irreplaceable," Mako, who lost her status as an Imperial Family member upon her marriage with Komuro, a commoner, under the Imperial House Law, said at the start of the press meet. "Marriage was a necessary decision for us to live our lives while caring for our feelings," she said. The former princess also expressed her sympathy to people struggling amid the novel coronavirus crisis.

"I love Mako. I want to live my one and only life with the person I love," said Komuro, who works at a law firm in New York. On the money issue between Komuro's mother and her former fiance, he said that he will do all he can to resolve the problem.

After making initial remarks, the couple distributed their written answers to five questions submitted in advance by the press club at the Imperial Household Agency, the Japan Magazine Publishers Association and the Foreign Correspondents' Club of Japan. The couple were initially slated to answer the questions at the press conference. But they said in the document that giving answers directly at the press meet is impossible because there was a question that "could give the impression that incorrect information is true."

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