Japan to Keep Saury Catch Quota at Record Low in 2022


Tokyo, Oct. 26 (Jiji Press)--The Fisheries Agency disclosed a draft plan Tuesday to keep Japan's saury catch quota for 2022 unchanged from the previous year at a record low of 155,335 tons, reflecting extremely poor catches.

The agency presented the plan, based on Japan's past catches and an international agreement, at a meeting with relevant representatives from the fishing industry. It will be formalized after a subgroup meeting next month of the Fisheries Policy Council, which advises the fisheries minister.

In February, saury-catching economies including Japan, China and Taiwan agreed to set a cap on their overall Pacific saury catches for 2021 at 333,750 tons, down 40 pct from the previous year, and maintain the ceiling in 2022.

The pact was worked out to protect the popular fish's stocks, which have declined markedly due to, among others, overfishing by Chinese and Taiwanese boats, pundits said.

By keeping the catch quota at the record low level, Japan aims to thoroughly protect the saury resources. But the move will not ensure a recovery in catches, they added.

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