Kyoto Univ. to Dissolve Primate Research Institute

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Kyoto, Oct. 27 (Jiji Press)--Kyoto University has announced a plan to effectively dissolve its Primate Research Institute, where primatologists were involved in inappropriate use of research funds.

Some of the research sections at the institute in Inuyama, Aichi Prefecture, will be transferred to a new research center on human behavioral evolution to be launched in April 2022, according to the plan announced Tuesday.

Over the Primate Research Institute, the national university said in June 2020 that researchers including former Director Tetsuro Matsuzawa were involved in the inappropriate spending of 506 million yen in research funds. In November that year, Matsuzawa, a leading primatologist, was dismissed.

The new center will take over the institute's cognitive neuroscience and some other sections. The language and intelligence section, where Matsuzawa worked, will be scrapped, while many other sections will be transferred to other research organizations.

At the Primate Research Institute, there was little cooperation among its sections in research activities and the management of the institute, university President Nagahiro Minato told a news conference Tuesday.

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