Japan to Ease COVID-19 Capacity Limit on Large Events

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Tokyo, Oct. 28 (Jiji Press)--The Japanese government informally decided on a plan to ease its coronavirus-linked capacity restrictions currently imposed on large-scale events in 27 prefectures by removing the upper limit of 10,000 attendees at the end of this month, informed sources said Thursday.

The government will propose the plan, which reflects the recent improvement in the infection situation in the prefectures, at a meeting of a government panel on novel coronavirus response measures later on Thursday.

The 10,000-attendee limit was introduced as a one-month transitional measure in the 27 prefectures, including Tokyo, when the government's COVID-19 state of emergency and pre-emergency measures there were lifted at the end of September.

From November, organizers will be asked to hold events in these areas with a maximum of 5,000 attendees or up to 50 pct of the venue's capacity, whichever is greater, the sources said. This means that they would be able to accept tens of thousands of people for sports and other events held at large venues by choosing to apply the 50 pct rule.

As some local governments are moving to impose restrictions of their own on large-scale events, such as a capacity cap at 10,000 attendees, however, responses to be made by event organizers may vary by region.

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