Elementary School in Atami Reopens after Mudslide

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Atami, Shizuoka Pref., Nov. 1 (Jiji Press)--An elementary school in Atami in Shizuoka Prefecture, central Japan, resumed classes at its school building on Monday, after a closure of about four months caused by a major mudslide in July.

"I am relieved to be back here," Hiromi Kunihara, principal of city-run Izusan elementary school, said to 51 students at the school. Kunihara also said that "everyone here is a treasure to our region and the hope of Izusan," the city's district that suffered extensive damage.

An 11-year-old girl who is in the sixth grade said that she is happy to be back at the school, adding that she is looking forward to having events such as the graduation ceremony at the school.

Although the school buildings did not suffer damage from the deadly mudslide, continued soil removal work in the area had made the route for going to school unsafe for students.

Lessons were held at public facilities and other elementary schools, and school counselors were increased to give mental care to students.

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