Japan to Cut Govt Employees' Bonuses


Tokyo, Nov. 24 (Jiji Press)--The Japanese government decided Wednesday to cut winter bonuses for national public servants, in accordance with recommendations by the National Personnel Authority.

The decision was made at meetings of relevant ministers and the cabinet.

The government will submit a public servant salary law amendment including the recommendations to an upcoming extraordinary session of the Diet, Japan's parliament, at the earliest.

But the reduction will not be reflected in this year's winter bonuses as the amendment will not be enacted by Dec. 1, the base date for winter bonus payments. The government will therefore take an unusual move to reflect the reduction when bonuses for summer 2022 are paid. It will be the first time for bonuses for national public servants to be deducted later.

The National Personnel Authority's recommendations call for lowering annual bonuses by 0.15 month of salary from the previous year to 4.30 months, the second straight year of reduction, while keeping monthly salaries unchanged.

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