INTERVIEW: Minister Hopes to Promote Japan's New Disaster Warning System

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Tokyo, Nov. 25 (Jiji Press)--Satoshi Ninoyu, minister in charge of disaster management, has stressed the need to raise public awareness of Japan's new disaster warning system.

In May, the government scrapped the category of evacuation advisory issued by chiefs of cities, towns and villages under the disaster warning system to integrate it into evacuation order.

In an interview with media organizations including Jiji Press on Wednesday, Ninoyu said that the integration "is well known to municipalities, but local residents are not fully aware (of it)."

"Municipalities need to raise awareness (of the integration) on a daily basis," Ninoyu said. "I know municipality chiefs tend to hesitate (to issue an evacuation order) out of fear of criticism from residents, but they issue evacuation orders after receiving advice from the state and prefectural governments."

"We must make efforts so people can think that (the new system is) accurate and credible," he added.

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