Japan Compiles Criteria for Allowing Shorter Booster Shot Interval

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Tokyo, Nov. 26 (Jiji Press)--The Japanese government has drawn up criteria for allowing the minimum interval between a second and third shots of COVID-19 vaccines to be shortened from eight months to six months as exceptions.

According to the criteria, notified to local governments across the country on Friday, the six-month interval can apply to users, inpatients, staff workers and others at medical institutions and elderly facilities facing infection clusters.

If multiple such facilities are hit by infection clusters in a region covered by the same public health center, the shorter interval will also be allowed at other facilities in the region.

To apply the six-month interval, municipal governments are requested to prepare related plans and consult with the health ministry in advance.

Health minister Shigeyuki Goto told reporters on Friday that the government would reconsider the booster shot interval if coronavirus infections begin to spread again in the country.

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