Japan Closes SDF-Run Mass Vaccination Centers

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Tokyo, Nov. 30 (Jiji Press)--The Japanese government on Tuesday closed mass COVID-19 vaccination centers in Tokyo and Osaka set up and run by the Self-Defense Forces to promote inoculation after six months of operations.

Some 1.96 million doses, or around 1 pct of the country's total, were administered at the two venues--1.31 million in Tokyo and 640,000 in Osaka.

The venues were initially slated to run from May 24 to the end of August, but the period was extended twice.

The daily number of vaccinations was set at 10,000 in Tokyo and 5,000 in Osaka. The slots filled up at first, but over 80 pct of them had remained unreserved since late September.

Given this situation and progress in vaccinations by municipalities, the government decided to close the two venues at the end of November after concluding that they had fulfilled their roles.

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