Abe Says Taiwan Emergency Is Japan Emergency


Tokyo/Beijing, Dec. 2 (Jiji Press)--A Taiwan emergency is an emergency for Japan and also for the Japan-U.S. alliance, former Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has said.

"(Chinese) President Xi Jinping should never have a misunderstanding in recognizing this," Abe went on to say when he joined online an open forum held by a private-sector think tank in Taiwan Wednesday, strongly warning against China over its growing military pressure on self-ruled Taiwan.

Noting that the Senkaku Islands and Yonaguni Island, both in Okinawa Prefecture, southern Japan, are located close to Taiwan, Abe said an armed invasion of Taiwan would certainly pose a grave danger to Japan. The Senkakus are claimed by China, which calls them Diaoyu.

"A military adventure would be the path leading to economic suicide," Abe also said. "China will suffer deep wounds."

He added, "We have to keep telling China that peace is the only option if the country puts its national interest first."

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