INTERVIEW: LDP Exec Sees Need for Kishida-Xi Talks


Tokyo, Dec. 3 (Jiji Press)--Tatsuo Fukuda, an executive of the Japanese ruling Liberal Democratic Party, has underlined the need for dialogue between Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida and Chinese President Xi Jinping.

"The prime minister should meet (with President Xi) and say what he needs to say," Fukuda, chairman of the LDP's decision-making General Council, said in an interview with Jiji Press on Thursday.

"If you don't talk with someone who has higher authority, you'll never make progress," he said.

Fukuda said he was not sure at the moment whether a diplomatic boycott of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics that is being considered by the United States and other countries would be the right choice, adding, "The situation will still change from now."

On concerns voiced by some LDP members over a Chinese government call for Japanese Foreign Minister Yoshimasa Hayashi to visit China, Fukuda said that they were "overreacting".

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