High Court Rules for Ex-Teacher in Lawsuit over National Anthem

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Osaka, Dec. 9 (Jiji Press)--Osaka High Court on Thursday reversed a lower court ruling against a former high school teacher who was passed over for re-employment after refusing to answer a question asking whether he would participate in standing up and singing Japan's national anthem at graduation ceremonies and other school events.

The high court ordered the prefectural government of Osaka in western Japan to pay 3.15 million yen in damages to the former teacher, 65, who demanded about 5.5 million yen in the lawsuit.

According to the ruling, the question was asked by the prefecture-run high school's headmaster ahead of the former teacher's compulsory retirement in January 2017.

The high court accepted the former teacher's claim that his request to be re-employed after his compulsory retirement was rejected because he declined to answer the question.

Presiding Judge Kumiko Honda said the rejection "deviated from (the prefectural government's) discretion" and was "illegal."

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