Japan Icebreaker Shirase Reaches Showa Station in Antarctica


Showa Station, Antarctica, Dec. 20 (Jiji Press)--The Maritime Self-Defense Force icebreaker Shirase has reached Showa Station, Japan's Antarctic research facility.

Carrying members of the country's 63rd research expedition team, the ship arrived on fast ice some 350 meters off the coast of East Ongul Island where the base is located at 11:11 a.m. Sunday (8:11 a.m. GMT), 40 days since it left Japan.

Work to transport goods and fuel from the ship to the station will begin on a full scale shortly.

A total of 20 members of the 62nd and 63rd teams waved at the ship, which had completed its outward voyage, from the top of a huge boulder overlooking the coast.

"The year quickly went by," said 25-year-old Haruki Sugiyama of Hokkaido University, a member of the 62nd team.

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