Japan to Launch Agency for Children, Families in FY 2023


Tokyo, Dec. 21 (Jiji Press)--The Japanese government Tuesday adopted a basic policy for creating a children's and families' agency in fiscal 2023 that will serve as the "control tower" for various policies related to children.

The agency will consolidate operations of multiple government agencies, aiming to eliminate the segmentation of administrative functions and provide seamless support in related areas.

The government will submit legislation to launch the agency at next year's ordinary session of the Diet, Japan's parliament, to be convened in January.

Currently, the welfare and education ministries are in charge of administrative services for children. The Cabinet Office handles measures to fight the country's falling birthrate, while the National Police Agency addresses sexual crimes against children.

The welfare ministry oversees nurseries, the education ministry kindergartens, and the Cabinet Office certified "kodomoen" kindergarten-nursery hybrids.

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