Japan, Taiwan Ruling Parties Affirm Cooperation on Economic Security


Tokyo, Dec. 24 (Jiji Press)--The Japanese and Taiwanese ruling parties held an online meeting on economic security on Friday, affirming that the two sides plus the United States will cooperate to build stable supply chains for cutting-edge semiconductor chips.

The dialogue between Japan's Liberal Democratic Party and Taiwan's Democratic Progressive Party was aimed at strengthening bilateral cooperation, with ministerial talks between Japan and Taiwan difficult as they have no diplomatic relations.

Members of the Japanese and Taiwanese parties had an online meeting for the first time since August. Friday's meeting was attended by the LDP's foreign affairs division and economy, trade and industry division chiefs, Masahisa Sato and Akimasa Ishikawa, respectively.

The LDP participants welcomed Taiwan's bid to join the Trans-Pacific Partnership, while calling for the removal of Taiwan's import restrictions on Japanese foods, introduced after the March 2011 Fukushima nuclear plant disaster. The Taiwanese side indicated it plans to facilitate public understanding of the Japanese request.

Following the meeting, Ishikawa told reporters, "With the Japan-U.S.-Taiwan framework, we'll maintain a leading position." He suggested the trilateral cooperation is needed to compete with China in the technology field.

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