Elderly Abuse Cases Involving Relatives Hit Record High in Japan

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Tokyo, Dec. 27 (Jiji Press)--The number of cases of abuse of elderly people by their relatives in Japan in fiscal 2020 rose 2.1 pct from the previous year to a record 17,281, a welfare ministry survey showed.

The highest total since the survey's launch in fiscal 2007 apparently reflected the increased time elderly people spent with their families at home amid the novel coronavirus pandemic, with many refraining from going out and using nursing care services.

The record-breaking rise is also believed to have resulted from strengthened efforts by municipalities to uncover such abuse cases.

Meanwhile, in fiscal 2020, which ended in March 2021, the number of elderly mistreatment cases involving care facility workers fell 7.6 pct to 595, according to the survey report released on Friday. Although the total went down for the first time since the survey started, the ministry believes that restrictions on visits to care homes amid the viral spread could have made it difficult for people to become aware of the possibility of their elderly family members being abused by facility workers and that there may have been more cases of such abuse in reality.

The number of elderly people abused by family members came to 17,778. Nearly 70 pct of them suffered physical abuse.

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