Japan's Only Correspondence Junior High Course to Survive

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Tokyo, Jan. 1 (Jiji Press)--The correspondence course of Kanda Hitotsubashi Junior High School in Tokyo is the only such program in Japan that grants diplomas to elderly people who were unable to graduate from junior high school amid turmoil in the aftermath of World War II.

The course at the school, run by the Chiyoda ward office, was on the brink of closure, with the only student set to graduate next spring. Now, however, it is expected to remain open in fiscal 2022, which starts in April, after securing students by expanding the eligibility age for enrollment.

"We want to meet demand from elderly people who want to study," Tsutomu Horikoshi, principal of the school, said.

Students in a correspondence course usually study at home and go to school twice every month to receive guidance.

Eligible for the main course, which allows students to earn diplomas, are graduates of elementary schools operated under the old education systems that were in place before and during the war. In fiscal 2022, such people will be aged 88 or older. Other people are allowed to enroll on special courses to study only subjects of their choice.

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