Japan Enters Coronavirus 6th Wave: Medical Assn Head

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Tokyo, Jan. 6 (Jiji Press)--Japan has entered the sixth wave of novel coronavirus infections as new cases are spreading across the country, Japan Medical Association President Toshio Nakagawa said Thursday.

“I think we have entered the sixth wave nationwide,” Nakagawa told a press conference. “The speed (of the spread of infection) has become extremely fast.”

He underlined a need to review flexibly the so-called vaccine and testing package aimed at easing coronavirus restrictions, based on the infection situation from now.

Local governments should make preparations so that they can seek central government designations of a COVID-19 pre-emergency state, while constantly forecasting new infection cases, Nakagawa also said.

“We will fully cooperate with the government’s policy with a sense of crisis,” he said, in response to Prime Minister Fumio Kishida’s recent remark that the government will shift the focus of coronavirus measures to domestic steps while maintaining the existing basic framework of border control schemes.

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