Japan-U.S. Security Talks Suggest Expansion of SDF Role


Tokyo, Jan. 8 (Jiji Press)--The joint statement released after so-called two-plus-two security talks among the foreign and defense ministers of Japan and the United States on Friday suggested that the role of Japan's Self-Defense Forces will likely be expanded.

The statement highlighted that the two countries will work together to counter China, as Beijing's continued military buildup has reduced the U.S. presence in the region.

In the joint statement, Japan and the United States pledged to "constantly modernize the alliance and strengthen joint capabilities by fully aligning strategies and prioritizing goals together, to address evolving security challenges in an ever more integrated manner."

The two sides promised to accelerate joint research and development of defense technologies and to conduct a joint analysis of hypersonic weapons being developed by China and North Korea.

According to the statement, Japan and the United States welcomed their "robust progress" on bilateral planning for contingencies, apparently with an intention to showcase their close relations amid fears over a Taiwan contingency.

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