Taiwan Contingency Could Drag Japan SDF into War: Journalist


Tokyo, Feb. 1 (Jiji Press)--Japanese journalist Shigeru Handa has warned that the Self-Defense Forces could be dragged into a war if China invades Taiwan.

"There is a danger that the SDF might be involved in a war over Taiwan," Handa, 67, said.

"It would be too late" to judge whether the SDF's involvement is constitutional or not after such a contingency starts, Handa went on.

Japan implemented national security legislation in March 2016 so that it can exercise the right to collective self-defense. Critics say that the legislation has increased the risk of Japan taking part in a war or an armed conflict.

Handa, who has been covering topics related to the Defense Ministry and the SDF for about 30 years, is paying close attention to the United States' stance on the issue.

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