CDP, Rengo at Odds over Election Cooperation


Tokyo, Feb. 1 (Jiji Press)--The leading opposition Constitutional Democratic Party of Japan and the Japanese Trade Union Confederation, or Rengo, are at odds over their cooperation, after the largest labor group in Japan stopped short of clarifying which party it will support in this summer's key national election.

In a revised draft of its basic policy for the election for the House of Councillors, the upper chamber of the Diet, Japan's parliament, Rengo said it would not endorse candidates collaborating with the Japanese Communist Party.

With the draft causing a stir, a CDP official said the party cannot fight the election with this policy by Rengo, the umbrella organization of labor unions in Japan.

On Jan. 21, Rengo notified its member unions of the revised draft, which deleted from the original policy the phrase that "we will proceed with preparations to form a policy accord (with the CDP and the Democratic Party for the People)." The revised draft said that Rengo would make preparations by "putting the priority on candidates."

With the JCP in mind, the Rengo also said, "We will not recommend candidates who collaborate with political parties or other organizations that have objectives differing greatly from our own."

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