Kumamoto Baby Birth to Be Reported without Mother's Name

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Kumamoto, Feb. 4 (Jiji Press)--A hospital in the southwestern Japan city of Kumamoto said Friday that it plans to submit a birth notification of a baby, who was born under a confidentiality agreement in December, with the name of the mother being left blank.

The mother under 20 gave birth to the baby at Jikei Hospital while declining to publicly disclose her identity. It would be unprecedented in the country to have a birth notification involving an anonymous mother filed.

The woman, who had been unable to tell her family about her pregnancy, left the hospital a month ago saying that she cannot raise the baby by herself, hospital officials said.

She has since not changed her wish to have the baby find a new family by adoption, the officials said. She thinks that the baby will be better off to have parents who passed strict screenings rather than being raised by herself, they said.

The woman wishes for her identity to be disclosed to the baby when the child turns 18 or 20, the hospital officials said. Earlier this month, the baby was transferred from the hospital to a nursery.

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