Japan Spots 24 Russian Warships in Sea of Japan, Sea of Okhotsk


Tokyo, Feb. 15 (Jiji Press)--The Japanese Defense Ministry said Tuesday that it has found a total of 24 Russian warships operating in the Sea of Japan and the southern part of the Sea of Okhotsk since Feb. 1.

"The move comes in parallel with Russian forces' recent activities in areas near Ukraine," Defense Minister Nobuo Kishi told a press conference Tuesday, noting that Russia's military is stepping up its activities to demonstrate that it is capable of operating both on the east and west of the country at the same time.

Among the 24 vessels were destroyers, frigates and submarines, according to the ministry.

Russia's Defense Ministry announced Feb. 1 that vessels from its Pacific Fleet had left port to conduct an exercise in the Sea of Japan and the Sea of Okhotsk, adding that the purpose of the exercise was to familiarize the fleet with the duties of ensuring the safety of maritime traffic and economic activity areas off eastern Russia.

It said Jan. 20 that all fleets of the Russian navy would conduct drills in respective areas they cover between January and February.

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