Nihon University Ex-Chm. Tanaka Admits to Tax Evasion

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Tokyo, Feb. 15 (Jiji Press)--Former Nihon University Chairman Hidetoshi Tanaka admitted to tax evasion charges in the first court hearing Tuesday.

"I have no intention of challenging (the charges)," Tanaka, 75, said in the hearing at Tokyo District Court.

Prosecutors pointed out that former Nihon University board member Tadao Inoguchi, 64, provided Tanaka with cash including kickbacks he received from business partners of the university as gratitude for his interests and celebration of the reappointment of Tanaka as chairman of the biggest university in the country.

Specifically, 75 million yen came from Masami Yabumoto, 61, former head of the Kinshukai medical group in Osaka, 30 million yen from a construction firm in Kanazawa, Ishikawa Prefecture, and 10 million yen from a design office in Osaka, the prosecutors said.

The prosecutors then claimed that Tanaka instructed his wife to declare his income excluding the kickbacks he took and hid some of his income at his house.

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