Campaign Launched to Introduce Rice Balls to New Yorkers


New York, Feb. 15 (Jiji Press)--A campaign to introduce rice balls made of Japanese-grown rice to New Yorkers has been launched.

Rice balls, called onigiri or omusubi in Japanese, are being provided to local facilities to let people know about the taste of the everyday food in Japan. The campaign is also aimed at expanding sales channels for Japanese rice.

At Central Park East II, a public school in Manhattan, 200 sets of boxed meals including rice balls were offered to students for lunch on Monday. A 9-year-old girl, looking happy, took big bites of a rice ball with cooked salmon in it and said she wants to eat rice balls every day.

The boxed meals will also be provided to companies in New York.

Tokyo-based rice ball shop operator Omusubi Gonbei, which provided the boxed meals to the Manhattan school, saw its sales in the United States hit a record high last year. More consumers bought rice balls, which are suitable for takeout, as the novel coronavirus pandemic deprived people of many opportunities to dine out, an official of the company explained.

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