FOCUS: Big Japanese Electronics Firms Embrace Job-Based Personnel System


Tokyo, Feb. 18 (Jiji Press)--Major Japanese electronics manufacturers are accelerating their shift to the "job-based" personnel system, which clarifies the content of jobs and assigns people to positions in line with their abilities.

Hitachi Ltd. <6501> and Fujitsu Ltd. <6702>, which have adopted the job-based system for employees in managerial positions, aim to expand the use of the system to cover the rank and file.

The job-based system contrasts with the Japanese corporate world's conventional employment style, in which employees are expected to take a range of positions in their careers, instead of being assigned to specific roles requiring specialist skills.

The attempts to break away from the tradition reflect the companies' need to win fierce competitions with overseas rivals for human resources at a time when the business environment is changing drastically due to the advance of digitalization and the expansion of overseas operations.

Whether to introduce the job-based personnel system is expected to be a focus of discussions during ongoing "shunto" labor-management negotiations.

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