Japan Emperor, Turning 62, Confident COVID-19 Will Be Overcome

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Tokyo, Feb. 23 (Jiji Press)--Japanese Emperor Naruhito, who turned 62 on Wednesday, has expressed his confidence in people’s abilities to overcome the prolonged COVID-19 crisis.

“I firmly believe that people can overcome the current tough situation with patience by caring for each other, sharing the pain and continuing efforts to support each other,” the Emperor told a news conference held in the Shakkyo-no-Ma drawing room of the Imperial Palace.

This marked his first press conference at the palace since he ascended the throne in 2019. A press conference for Emperor Naruhito’s birthday was previously held at the Akasaka Imperial Residence, from which his family moved into their new residence at the Imperial Palace last year.

In the past year, he could not make trips to meet people and attend events. However, the number of his online meetings with people increased to 11 from four the previous year.

He interacted online with residents of the three northeastern prefectures hit hardest by the March 2011 earthquake and tsunami and participated in a tree-planting festival and other events remotely.

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