11 Years On: Miyagi Eyeing 30 Years in Future with Forest

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Sendai, Miyagi Pref., March 3 (Jiji Press)--After the March 2011 tsunami almost completely wiped out a coastal disaster prevention forest that had protected inland areas of Miyagi Prefecture from salty winds and sand, the northeastern Japan prefecture has started a forest restoration project, looking 30 years ahead.

While the prefectural government has now finished planting new pine trees to rebuild the forest, the journey to manage the new set of trees has just begun, with the trees expected to be fully grown 30 years from now.

The project faces the challenge of making disaster prevention forests more known and securing enough staff.

Of the pine forest managed by the Japanese and Miyagi governments, 1,753 hectares of land was flooded in the tsunami, which was triggered by a massive earthquake.

The central and Miyagi prefectural governments, as well as private organizations, worked together to plant and maintain new trees, in order to restore the large area of forest in a systematic way.

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