Horie Leaves for U.S. for Trans-Pacific Solo Voyage


Kobe, March 15 (Jiji Press)--Japanese sea adventurer Kenichi Horie on Tuesday left Japan for San Francisco, from where the 83-year-old will start a solo voyage across the Pacific.

Horie, who lives in Ashiya, Hyogo Prefecture, western Japan, aims to become the oldest person to cross the Pacific on a sailboat.

He departed from Osaka International Airport, also called Itami Airport, in western Japan. After arriving in San Francisco, Horie will start sailing on March 26 local time, and aims to reach the Hyogo city of Nishinomiya in about two and a half months.

In 1962, Horie completed the world's first successful nonstop solo voyage across the Pacific on a sailboat. In the voyage, Horie crossed the Pacific in the opposite direction, from Nishinomiya to San Francisco.

Horie has tried numerous other voyages such as crossing the Pacific on a sailboat made from recycled beer barrels and also sailing solo around the world nonstop.

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