Japan Household Financial Assets Top 2,000 T. Yen for 1st Time


Tokyo, March 17 (Jiji Press)--Financial assets held by households in Japan as of the end of 2021 rose 4.5 pct from a year earlier to a record 2,023 trillion yen, exceeding 2,000 trillion yen for the first time, Bank of Japan data showed Thursday.

The milestone came as households curbed spending amid the coronavirus pandemic and increased cash on hand and cash deposits while higher stock prices boosted their holdings of equities and investment trusts.

Of the total household financial assets, cash and deposits accounted for 1,092 trillion yen, up 3.3 pct, partly pushed up by year-end bonuses.

Stocks jumped 15.5 pct to 212 trillion yen, while investment trust funds surged 20.4 pct to 94 trillion yen.

Insurance, pension and other products increased 1.0 pct to 540 trillion yen, against the backdrop of the yen's weakening.

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