Crime Victims' Group Re-Established in Japan


Tokyo, March 26 (Jiji Press)--A major Japanese group for crime victims and their families was re-established Saturday after being disbanded in 2018.

The group succeeding the disbanded National Association of Crime Victims and Surviving Families was launched at its inaugural meeting in Tokyo, attended by about 70 crime victims and family members of victims. Former Justice Minister Yoko Kamikawa joined as a guest.

The new group, headed by lawyer Isao Okamura, 92, who founded the disbanded association, declared that it will urge the government to establish an agency for crime victims.

Okamura, whose wife was killed by a person with a grudge against his client company, said he decided to re-establish the association because many crime victims still struggle to make a living.

"Victims tend to have no one around to consult. It's necessary to have an organization providing seamless support," Okamura added.

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