Japan Govt Introduces Bill to Add Sanctions on Russia


Tokyo, April 5 (Jiji Press)--The Japanese government Tuesday introduced a bill to scrap preferential tariff rates for imports of seafood and wood from Russia as part of its additional sanctions for the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

The government adopted the bill to revise the law on temporary measures concerning customs and submitted it to the Diet, Japan's parliament.

If the revised law is enacted, the tariff rate would rise to 6 pct from 4 pct for crabs, to 5 pct from 3.5 pct for salmon and salmon roe and to 8 pct from 4.8 pct for rasped pinewood.

The enactment would boost Russia's annual tariff costs by a total of 3.9 billion yen.

Meanwhile, there would be no change to the duty-free status for imports of liquefied natural gas and palladium from Russia.

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