Japan to Fully Cover Medical Costs for Ukrainian Evacuees


Tokyo, April 8 (Jiji Press)--The Japanese government is considering temporarily covering all medical costs with state funds for Ukrainians who have fled to Japan following Russia's invasion of their country, it has been learned.

The measure is expected to mainly cover evacuees who have no relatives or acquaintances in Japan, informed sources said.

So far, 428 Ukrainians have fled to Japan, including 20 who flew to the Asian country on a Japanese government plane on Tuesday. Most of them have relatives or acquaintances in Japan, but some do not.

The Ukrainian evacuees will be able to work in Japan and join the nation's public health insurance programs after they change their residence status from "short-term visitor" at present to "designated activities."

Before the change, they will continue to be uninsured and therefore have to pay all medical bills by themselves if they receive treatment at hospitals or clinics. Against this backdrop, the government plans to fully cover medical costs for them at least until they are accepted by businesses or other organizations offering support, the sources said.

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