Famed Japanese Sociologist Munesuke Mita Dies at 84

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Tokyo, April 10 (Jiji Press)--Noted Japanese sociologist Munesuke Mita, also honorary professor at the University of Tokyo, died from sepsis at a hospital in Hachioji, Tokyo, on April 1. He was 84.

Mita, who was born in Tokyo in 1937, graduated from the department of sociology at the University of Tokyo's faculty of letters and completed a master's course at the graduate school of the university.

After working as a lecturer and then associate professor at the university, Mita became professor of the school in 1982. After leaving the University of Tokyo, he worked as professor at Kyoritsu Women's University between 1998 and 2008.

Mita wrote many books, including "Gendai Shakai no Riron" (The Theory of Modern Society), "Gendai Nihon no Seishin Kozo" (The Mental Structure of Modern Japan) and "Kachiishiki no Riron" (The Theory of Value Consciousness).

He also wrote books under the pen name of Yusuke Maki. The works include "Ningen Kaiho no Riron no Tameni" (For the Theory of Human Liberation) and "Jikan no Hikakushakaigaku" (Comparative Sociology of Time).

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