Japan to Offer 160,000-Yen Benefits for Ukrainian Evacuees


Tokyo, April 11 (Jiji Press)--The Japanese government will offer up to 160,000 yen in lump-sum cash benefits to Ukrainians who have fled to Japan following Russia's invasion of their country, the Immigration Services Agency of Japan said Monday.

The measure is aimed at helping Ukrainian evacuees, mainly those with no relatives or acquaintances in Japan, buy furniture, home appliances and other necessities to start new lives in the country after leaving temporary accommodation.

The benefits will total 160,000 yen for those aged 16 or older and 80,000 yen for those aged 15 or younger.

The government will also offer 2,400 yen per day for those aged 12 or older, or 1,600 yen if they are living with their families, and 1,200 yen for those aged 11 or younger, to cover living costs.

For evacuees staying at temporary accommodation, it will offer 1,000 yen per day for those aged 12 or older and 500 yen per day for those aged 11 or younger in addition to food expenses.

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