Japan's "Furusato Nozei" Donations Used to Help Ukrainians


Tokyo, May 6 (Jiji Press)--An increasing number of local governments in Japan are utilizing the country's "furusato nozei" hometown tax donation system to support Ukrainians fleeing Russia's invasion.

The western prefecture of Hyogo is accepting Ukrainians fleeing the war, offering them accommodation fees until they secure living expenses and housing, by collecting necessary funds through the tax donation system.

With donations starting at 1,000 yen, the prefecture had collected some 48 million yen as of April 25. It does not offer any return gifts for those who make donations under the system.

"We don't want to obscure the purpose of collecting donations," a prefectural official said. All the money collected will be used to support Ukrainians.

The city of Takasaki in Gunma Prefecture, northwest of Tokyo, which hosted Poland's national team members during last summer's Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics, is supporting Poznan, a Polish city accepting Ukrainians.

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