Japan’s “Ramune” Soda Finds Sales Opportunities Overseas

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Tokyo, May 6 (Jiji Press)--Japan’s “ramune” soda, a symbol of summer in the nation, are selling well overseas while domestic sales are dwindling amid the spread of the novel coronavirus.

The word “ramune,” derived from the English word “lemonade,” refers to the much-loved carbonated soft drink that comes in a glass bottle sealed by a marble.

While there are a number of theories about when and by whom ramune was first manufactured, records show that a businessman in Tokyo acquired a production license for the beverage May 4, 1872. Hence, ramune makers’ national association established May 4 as national ramune day.

According to Hidefumi Kimura, president of ramune maker Kimura Drink Co. and head of the association, around 2,300 companies made ramune in 1953, shipping around 500 million bottles a year.

Hurt by the arrival of carbonated soft drinks made by major beverage producers, however, the number of ramune makers in the association has dropped to 34.

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