Japanese Students' English Proficiency Improving: Govt


Tokyo, May 18 (Jiji Press)--The English proficiency of students in Japanese public junior and senior high schools is steadily improving, an education ministry survey showed Wednesday.

The proportion of third-year junior high school students with English proficiency equivalent to A1 or higher under the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR), an international standard for grading language ability, came to 47.0 pct in the fiscal 2021 survey, up 3.0 percentage points from the previous fiscal 2019 survey.

The share of third-year senior high school students with English skills equivalent to A2 or higher stood at 46.1 pct, up 2.5 points.

Despite the improvement, the shares of such students failed to meet the government's target of 50 pct, reflecting regional differences in English skills.

The survey looked into proficiency as of December 2021. A1 and A2 are equivalent to the grades of 3 and pre-2, respectively, in Japan's Eiken proficiency tests, administered by the Eiken Foundation of Japan, previously called the Society for Testing English Proficiency.

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