Aichi Industrial Water Supplies Secured for Now

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Nagoya, May 19 (Jiji Press)--Industrial water supplies in the central Japan prefecture of Aichi have been secured for now despite disruptions due to a leak at a water intake facility, prefectural government officials said Thursday.

The facility in the city of Toyota draws water from a river and sends it to a water treatment plant in Anjo, another Aichi city, through a canal. From the plant, the water is supplied to 131 business establishments in 12 Aichi municipalities, including Toyota and Okazaki.

The prefecture is a hub for the automobile industry.

The massive water leak made intake impossible from Wednesday, prompting the prefectural government to ask the businesses concerned to save water while continuing the supplies of water still remaining at the Anjo plant.

To deal with the situation, the agriculture ministry's Tokai regional office in Nagoya, the capital of Aichi, started on Wednesday to pump water from the river as a stopgap measure to send it to the Anjo plant.

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