Japan to Revoke Biz License of Sunken Boat Operator

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Tokyo, May 24 (Jiji Press)--The Japanese government will revoke a business license of the operator of the tourist boat that sank off Hokkaido last month, transport minister Tetsuo Saito said Tuesday.

"If it's allowed to continue its business, it is highly likely to cause an accident again, so the license revocation is appropriate," Saito told a news conference.

It will be the first license revocation by the ministry under the marine transportation law in response to an accident. The operator, Shiretoko Yuransen, will thus face the severest administrative punishment stipulated in the law.

The Kazu I boat sank off the Shiretoko Peninsula on April 23 with 26 people on board, leaving 14 dead and 12 missing.

On Tuesday, the ministry notified Seiichi Katsurada, the 58-year-old president of Shiretoko Yuransen, that it will conduct a hearing necessary for the punishment.

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