Japan May Need to Double Defense Budget: Think Tank


Tokyo, May 31 (Jiji Press)--Japan may need to double its annual defense budget to 10 trillion yen in a bid to strengthen its deterrence and coping capabilities to deal with China, a Defense Ministry think tank said Tuesday.

The proportion of Japan in overall defense spending in East Asia halved in the past 20 years, the National Institute for Defense Studies said in an annual report on the security environment surrounding Japan.

Using data from the International Institute for Strategic Studies in London, the report compared the defense budgets of Japan, China, South Korea and Taiwan.

The share of Japan fell from 38 pct in 2000 to 17 pct in 2020, while that of China rose from 36 pct to 65 pct, according to the analysis.

The report referred to a principle stipulating that an aggressor must have three times the military force of a defender. A defense budget equivalent to about one-third to half of the level in China may be necessary for Japan to secure stable deterrence, it said.

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