Japan to Target Doubling Corporate Investment in Personnel


Tokyo, May 31 (Jiji Press)--The Japanese government disclosed a plan Tuesday to target doubling investment by companies in human resources at an early date.

The plan is included in a draft action plan for Prime Minister Fumio Kishida's "new capitalism" initiative.

The draft, presented at the day's meeting of the Kishida-chaired Council of New Form of Capitalism Realization, also includes a target of boosting the number of startups 10-fold in five years.

The same day, the government showed a draft of its new basic economic and fiscal policy guidelines, which call for the launch of new capitalism, at a meeting of the Council on Economic and Fiscal Policy, also chaired by Kishida.

The draft policy guidelines did not mention a target year for achieving a primary budget surplus at the central and local governments, currently set at fiscal 2025.

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