Japan to Appoint 20,000 to Help Elderly with Digital Devices


Tokyo, June 1 (Jiji Press)--The Japanese government plans to launch a system by the end of fiscal 2022 to have over 20,000 personnel help elderly people with their smartphones and other digital devices, it was learned Wednesday.

The plan is included in a draft basic policy for the government's "Digital Garden City Nation" vision of using digital technologies for regional revitalization. The draft is expected to be adopted at a cabinet meeting soon.

The draft, based on an "overall picture" of measures for the vision that the government mapped out late last year, was unveiled at Wednesday's meeting of a related government council.

The number of personnel who assist the elderly in using digital devices was raised to over 20,000 in the draft policy from over 10,000 in the overall picture.

The government will consider specific ways to achieve the vision and compile a "comprehensive strategy" on regional revitalization by the end of the year.

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