Dancing "Ojisans" Go Viral among Japanese Youths


Wake, Okayama Pref., June 5 (Jiji Press)--A group of four "ojisans," or middle-aged men, dancing in hopes of revitalizing a western Japan town suffering depopulation, has captured the attention of Japanese youths on TikTok.

The ojisans' group, or "Ojiqun" on TikTok, has amassed over 16 million views in total, with many users of the short video app commenting how "cute" they were on their videos.

The group from the town of Wake, Okayama Prefecture, was formed with a wish to bring a smile to people's faces with videos of middle-aged, suit-clad men dancing.

Spearheaded by 52-year-old Takumi Shirase, head of a web content distributor, the group was created in January. The other members are Kenji Odomi, 52, who runs a tatami mat wholesale company, as well as 66-year-old Ryoichi Kanzaki and 67-year-old Minoru Yamamoto, both Wake assembly members.

The four wear different colored "haramaki" belly warmers.

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