Kishi Warns of Some Nuclear Haves Ignoring Rules


Singapore, June 11 (Jiji Press)--Japanese Defense Minister Nobuo Kishi stressed his belief Saturday that a drastic strengthening of Japan's defense capabilities will help counter actions by certain nuclear nations that disregard rules.

In his speech at the Asia Security Summit, also known as the Shangri-La Dialogue, which started in Singapore Friday, Kishi positioned Russia, China and North Korea, all nuclear haves, as countries that ignore rules.

Referring to Japan's efforts to drastically bolster its defense capabilities, Kishi said he is sure that such efforts will "break the will" of those aiming to ignore rules.

In connection with Russia's invasion of Ukraine, Kishi said, "With steadfast resistance from the invaded country and the cooperation of the entire international community, an invasion's momentum can be curtailed."

"If a country conspiring to invade another can be made sufficiently cognizant of this lesson, from now on, we should be able to deter such aggression in other regions of the world," he continued.

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