Road Map Created to Make Life in Japan Easier for Foreigners


Tokyo, June 14 (Jiji Press)--Japan's government on Tuesday drew up a five-year road map through fiscal 2026 calling for measures to be taken to make life in the country more convenient for foreigners.

The road map, adopted at a meeting of related cabinet ministers, includes a plan to submit to the parliament a bill to create a certification system for Japanese language teacher by the end of fiscal 2026 given that opportunities for foreigners to learn Japanese necessary for life in the country are limited.

Under the road map, the government will aim to start issuing in fiscal 2025 a new card for foreigners combining the functions of the current My Number social security and taxation identification card and residence card.

The government will also work to proactively send out information to foreigners in case of emergency, such as the ongoing novel coronavirus pandemic, partly via the Mynaportal website for My Number card holders.

The road map was created based on a proposal submitted last November to Justice Minister Yoshihisa Furukawa by a government's panel of experts discussing ways to realize an inclusive society where foreigners living in Japan can play active roles.

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