Grain Prices, Fertilizers Major Risks to Japan Food Supply


Tokyo, June 21 (Jiji Press)--Rising feed grain prices and difficulties procuring fertilizer ingredients pose significant risks to Japan's food supply, the agriculture ministry said Tuesday.

In its latest review on risks to the stable supply of food, the ministry said that the country's agriculture and food industries "are in a harsh environment not seen in recent years."

"We'll consider necessary measures swiftly with a sense of crisis," agriculture minister Genjiro Kaneko said, instructing the ministry to take action to address the risks.

The results of the review found risks in soaring prices of grains such as corn for animal feed, for which Japan relies on imports, and in difficulties obtaining ingredients of fertilizers needed for agricultural production.

The regular review provides basic data for drawing up policies on food security. Its results have been released since 2015.

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